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Eliel Arrey – Stories (Original Mix) [ELR123]


Eliel Arrey, born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa, is one of the rising figures in the electronic/dance music scene. Prior to releasing his own mixes, Eliel Arrey started as Dj in Dallas, TX. doing small shows and parties for his Church’s youth group. Those days as a Dj laid down the foundation for Eliel Arrey as a producer of Electronic dance music today. The happy, melodic, and upbeat dance vibes are very consistent in all his musical pieces. Eliel Arrey is better known for his unconventional use of guitars, organs, flutes, trumpets, horns, and saxophones in his musical productions. His melodies and compositions draw from a variety of musical backgrounds and cultures, which he attributes to his international heritage.

Eliel Arrey has not always wanted to be a musician. He is currently studying for his Doctorate in Medicine and graduates in 2017. He is well known to students of UT Arlington as the founder and president of Get More Out of College, a non profit entity that provides free resources to college students worldwide taking biological sciences. Also at UT Arlington, he was a supplementary instructor to two Biology courses and a tutor to nine other courses. He is an expert author who has written several popular articles for Ezine Articles, Article Base, and a manuscript in the Journal of Neurosurgery.

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Currently, Eliel Arrey is working on a massive 20 track musical project called „The Essentials” which will drop in stores worldwide April 1st, 2016. The project will feature special vocalists such as Steve Owner, Nasomi, Yolanda Arrey, and many more. Eliel Arrey will also be unveiling, for the first time, many of his film/tv like music projects that he has arranged & produced over the last couple of years. Previously previewed and highly anticipated tracks such as Through the Woods, Celtic Hills, End of Days, James Horner (In Loving Memory tribute), Cameroon National Anthem, and Sunset Love 2.0 will be included in this upcoming project and will be released individually as early-release singles over the next weeks between February 22nd and March 31st.

Eliel Arrey – Stories (Original Mix) [ELR123]

ELR123_01 : Eliel Arrey – Stories (Original Mix)

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