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Braven – The Sound Of Goodbye 2015 (Original Mix) [ELR103]



Braven – The Sound Of Goodbye (Original Mix) [ELR103]

ELR103_01 : Braven – The Sound Of Goodbye (Original Mix)

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G Furlan – Insane EP [BR156]



Jorge Martinez aka G Furlan takes about 20 years relationship with electronics starting as a listener with the sounds of Italo disco, mega mixes, sound hardcore Valencia German and European trance, later to continue the more acid techno to mid-90 and more hard after this time when it starts to click a style predominantly Hardgroove beginning to take the first steps also in the world of production with the same style. With the passage of time has changed the way we produce, style and has dropped considerably in Bpm,. Right now is immersed in production since studies Boura Mais team, with a strong character that all his influences are noticeable, tech-house electronic dyes, synthetic lines close to trance, acid touches and groove, much Groove His first productions began to hit the market in late 2012 on labels like Beat Tech Records, fresh tech, CB recordins.fryki bear, 9095 music….

G Furlan – Insane EP [BR156]

BR156_01 : G Furlan – Calm Warrior (Original Mix)
BR156_02 : G Furlan – Papaya (Original Mix)
BR156_03 : G Furlan – Ghosts (Original Mix)
BR156_04 : G Furlan – Sexy Sound (Original Mix)

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Fcode & Loose End – Ocean Sound EP [MJ54]



New week, new release out today EXCLUSIVE on Beatport. „Ocean Sound” EP is the magic name and comes from Fcode and Loose End. Includes 3 pure deep house track.

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Fcode & Loose End – Ocean Sound EP [MJ54]

01 : Fcode & Loose End – Ice (Original Mix)
02 : Fcode & Loose End – Ocean Sound (Original Mix)
03 : Fcode & Loose End – Deep Game (Original Mix)

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VA. – Mojear Summer [MJ40] – Mojear Records


On Mojear Records this week!

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Summer is here. Mojear Records is here just for you. Like usual, only fresh and good music.

Genre : Chill Out / Deep House / House / Disco / Indie / Tech House / Electronica / Progressive House

This VA. includes 20, from

01 : Gin Vinyla – The Way In Europe (Original Mix)
02 : Mixtili – Vibe Baby Vibe (Original Mix)
03 : Rodolfo Zhor – Like This (Original Mix)
04 : Yasser Garibay – It Was A Pleasure (Original Mix)
05 : Blazing Town – Fifth Season (Original Mix)
06 : Remundo – Baile Sexy De Chicas (Original Mix)
07 : Yusuke Hiraoka – Satsuki (Original mix)
08 : Alejandro Luna – Mrs. Deep (Original Mix)
09 : Florin H – 1698 To Zero Nine (Original Mix)
10 : Remundo – Eau (Original Remix)
11 : Alejandro Luna – The House Head (Original Mix)
12 : PsychoPlastiks – Angels Of Night (Original Mix)
13 : Lost Son – Remember (Unvoiced Version)
14 : Markus Rod – Honeybunch (Original Mix)
15 : Alejandro Luna – Topic Of Today (Original Mix)
16 : DJ Dr Minimal – My Inspiration (Original Version 2012)
17 : Mustard Jar – Suck My Cover (Original Mix)
18 : Sound Stealers – Diggin (Original Mix)
19 : Yusuke Hiraoka – Satsuki (Ambient Mix)
20 : Sebastian Paul – Echoes (Original Mix)

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Featured release on Beatport chill out music page.