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Christian Belt – Killer [BR207] – Bedroomrecords09


Christian Belt was born in the east of Germany and grew up with music from Depeche Mode, Westbam, New Order, Donna Summer and Moby. He began in 1999 as a DJ in several clubs in Berlin. In 2003 he start to interest in music production and create his own music. Today he is a DJ, Producer, Architect, Designer and Label-Owner. Belt’s music is challenging and full of energy, but also has serene and profound moments. The music aims toward ecstatic situations and at the same time is entirely in the here and now. It deals with the pressure one is exposed to on a daily basis as well as the knowledge that work, and a daily routine is not all there. It combines trance, art, clarity, friendship, hope, family and love in one.

Christian Belt – Killer [BR207]

01. Christian Belt – Killer Feat. Kira  (Original Mix)
02. Christian Belt – After Life (Original Mix)
03. Christian Belt – Fly Little Bird (Original Mix)
04. Christian Belt – Eddie The Eagle (Original Mix)
05. Christian Belt – Hypnotize (Original Mix)
06. Christian Belt – Sorry I’m Late (Original Mix)
07. Christian Belt – Broken Bass (Original Mix)

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