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Daniel Wray – Sudoku EP [MJ62] – Mojear Records

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Started DJ’ing in 1996.& have been in the Dance music scene a bit longer. Have played clubs around Australia. „As a producer started experimenting with sounds in Reason. Going on to learn a lot training my ears up and getting to know how everything ‘fused’ together. I have always been interested in sound design, and am finally doing what I love and do best”. This is Daniel Wray here on Mojear.

YouTube teaser : http://youtu.be/At49LtaiZ6s

Vimeo teaser : https://vimeo.com/60234720

Daniel Wray – Sudoku EP [MJ62]

01 : Daniel Wray – Dance Around The Floor (Original Mix)
02 : Daniel Wray – Sudoku (Original Mix)

Buy this release from :

Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/sudoku-ep/1022052

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/ro/album/sudoku-ep/id603713008

Pachadownload : http://www.pachadownload.com/mp3-detail/Daniel+Wray/Sudoku+EP/Mojear/6236207

Junodownload : http://www.junodownload.com/products/daniel-wray-sudoku-ep/2110873-02/

DJdownload : http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/Daniel+Wray/Sudoku+EP/Mojear/6236207

Newelectro.org : http://newelectro.org/r/lwmc/sudoku-ep

DJshop.de : http://www.djshop.de/Download-daniel-wray-sudoku/ex/s~details,u~1000020389,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

+ all other good music stores online!
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#77/Top 100 Progressive House Releases @ Beatport

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We have some great news for you about one of our latest release from Mojear Records : MOJEAR SOUNDS VOL. 1. Today this Various Artists compilation is the position #77 in Top 100 Progressive House Releases @ Beatport. We want to thank you all for listening and supporting us.

Link to this excelent compilation : http://www.beatport.com/release/mojear-sounds-vol-1/854857


Various Artists – Mojear Sounds Vol. 1 [MJ19] – Mojear Records

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And here we are in 2012, with fresh sounds! We have prepared some great music, from new talents! We present „Mojear Sounds” Volume 1. Excelent Various Artists compilation, just for you.

Release date : 07/02/2012
Label : Mojear Records
Stores : beatport, juno, junodownload, djdownload + all other good music stores.

Tracks on this compilation :

01 : Jules Gaardls – Café Clope (Oxford & Martin Sayker Remix)
02 : MzR – The Beauty Of Her Smile (Original Mix)
03 : Daniel Wray – City Sky (Original Mix)
04 : Flap feat. The Love Of My Life – Amor (Original Garage Mix)
05 : Stereowave – Underground (Main Mix)
06 : Michael Angelo – Deep Night In Da House (Original Mix)
07 : Dijel Tiel – Secret (Original Mix)
08 : Max Spittal & Chris Addley – Lazar (Original Mix)
09 : Yusuke Hiraoka – Sagami08 (Original Mix)
10 : Mirens – Marzipan (Original Mix)
11 : Dijel Tiel – Deep Touch (Original Mix)

Where to buy it :

Beatport Link : http://www.beatport.com/release/mojear-sounds-vol-1/854857

Junodownload Link : http://www.junodownload.com/products/mojear-sounds-vol-1/1890471-02/

Follow us on SoundCloud : http://soundcloud.com/bedroomrecords09
Follow us on Twitter : http://twitter.com/BedroomRec09

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