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Dan Mlinar – Into The Dark EP [MJ86] – Mojear Records


8361874Dan Mlinar – Into The Dark EP [MJ86]

MJ86_01 : Dan Mlinar – Into The Dark (Original Mix)
MJ86_02 : Dan Mlinar – Into The Dark (Sebastian Sporer Remix)

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30.11.2014 : DJs’ feedbacks :

Dan Mlinar – Into The Dark EP [MJ86]

DJ Danila:«Yeah I like that! Good stuff»(9/10)
Will support and chart

Stephan Grondin:«very nice deep house vibe. will def play»(9/10)
Will support

Ace Paradise:«Really Nice Tracks. Great Work ! Good Grooves. Support from Ace Paradise»(9/10)
Will support

Erwin Kelemen:«bravo dan.playing this»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Paul Savateev:«nice one….thanks»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Additan Radio:«Beautiful original and great remix! Thank you»(8/10)
Will support

:«The Sebastian Sporer Remix is great. Will definitely play.»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Xander James:«Love it..! Original mix is the one for me – mesmerised by the piano hook, sax riffs & xylophone sounds – straight into my playlist… Full support..! 1 luv, peace & music-beats d(•_•)b XJ»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Jason:«solid tune»(8/10)
Will support

John P. («nice tracks! thanks»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Felix JR:«Yes I like it for my sessions»(8/10)
Will support and chart

frisco:«good work»(8/10)
Will support and chart

AMERICAN DJ:«great release!»(8/10)
Will support

Titan Internet Radio:«Absolutely deep in every which way. Puts me in the mood to forget all else, wit that dubby synthline and piano rifts»(8/10)

Raul Cornejo:«Great release. will try out soon. thanks.»(7/10)
Will support

Toni Espagne:«Nice »(7/10)
Will support and chart

Diego Castillo (Positiva FM):«Good release»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Dj Kato:«Like both mixes. will support»(7/10)
Will support

Chris Jackson aka Filthy Mank:«Original is working for me….»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Beartrax:«nice tracks. remix for me »(7/10)
Will support

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Dan Dragon – Gnomes And Wizards [MJ80]



New, week, new release here on Mojear Records : New Album out today. Dan Dragon is the artist and the name for his album is „GNOMES AND WIZAR”.

YouTube teaser :

Vimeo teaser :

Tracklist :

Dan Dragon – Gnomes And Wizards [MJ80]

01 : Jeremy Kyle (Original Mix)
02 : Mongo (Original Mix)
03 : Robuts (Original Mix)
04 : Woo Hop And The Psychedelic Skins (Original Mix)
05 : Gnomes And Wizards (Original Mix)
06 : Baggawire Josstick (Original Mix)
07 : Keithy (Original Mix)
08 : Nerris Mollit (Original Mix)
09 : The Satallie (Original Mix)
10 : Xmas Song (Original Mix)

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VA. – Voyage Vers Le Soleil – Printemps [BR88] – Bedroomrecords09



Let’s begin!

YouTube teaser :

Vimeo teaser :

VA. – Voyage Vers Le Soleil – Printemps [BR88]

BR88_01 : Armin Kido Hodzic – Soulmate (Orginal Mix)
BR88_02 : Bill Bahi – Night Club Kings (Original Mix)
BR88_03 : Bonetti – Dreamy Eyes (Original Mix)
BR88_04 : Malko – Blood Diamond (Original Mix)
BR88_05 : T.W.I.N.S – Savages (Original Mix)
BR88_06 : Smartfusion – Marquise (Original Mix)
BR88_07 : Dirtyfatnoise – Freaks (Original Mix)
BR88_08 : Bons Ferkentosch – Intro (Original Mix)
BR88_09 : Ara Coiset – Machu Picchu (Original Mix)
BR88_10 : Dario Cardelli – Save Me (Original Mix)
BR88_11 : Jay Tester – Dark Side (Original Mix)
BR88_12 : Mihashu, Midiboy – Keep The Rock (Original Mix)
BR88_13 : Oxigen – Complex Affairs (Original Mix)
BR88_14 : Plazmatik Funk – Isenmi (Original Mix)
BR88_15 : Angelo Raguso, Roberto Corso – Bitch Please (Original Mix)
BR88_16 : AudiTech – Pleasure House (Original Mix)
BR88_17 : Bosphore – Slime (Original Mix)
BR88_18 : Dan Gibson – Und Du (Original Mix)
BR88_19 : Dima Leon4ik – Lynx (Original Mix)
BR88_20 : Malko – Euphoria (Original Mix)
BR88_21 : Sebastian A – Spinnin (Original Mix)
BR88_22 : Smartfusion – Back To Zero (Original Mix)
BR88_23 : Dirtyfatnoise – New 1.1 (Original Mix)

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Bulaklak – Wilde EP [ELR46]



Francesco Fiore aka Bulaklak born in Naples on 04/04/91. It reveals a child prodigy and musically consonant at the age of 10 years started to play instruments like guitar piano and percussion. At the age of 15 years begins to discover the house music in one of the most popular of the moment: „Disco Metropolis”. Fascinated by the underground style of these environments, touches with his hands the first vinyl, finds himself in the nightlife, discovering his artistic way after a long evolutionary path. So has the pleasure and the honor of playing with world famous DJs like Roger Sanchez – Flavio Diaz. Anna Stefani – Ela Gee. In 2011 the fruits arrive: Nicoule Moudaber and Monica Kruse; Resonance festival with Joey Beltram – Alex Bau – Jonas Kopp – Gary Back – Dustin Zhan – Secret Cinema – Sutter Cane – Nicole Roise – Hans Bouffmyhre – Someone Else – Chymera – Julietta and many others. The beginning, he felt love to produce something personal , his music, his tracks. immediately took its outputs in some labels emergentie. His productions are characterized by many genres of music: Deep House / Tech-house / Techno, immersed in an experimental style, always new and exciting, which now makes it possible to plan for the future.

YouTube teaser :

Vimeo teaser :

Bulaklak – Wilde EP [ELR46]

01 : Bulaklak – Vision (Original Mix)
02 : Bulaklak – Half Dan (Original Mix)
03 : Bulaklak – El Maestro (Original Mix)
04 : Bulaklak – El Nino (Original Mix)

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DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Remixes) [ELR30] – Eleonor Records


The official remixes.

DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Remixes) [ELR30]

ELR30_01 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (What The Funk Dono Edit)
ELR30_02 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Ricky Tenaglia Remix)
ELR30_03 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Rekereke Remix)
ELR30_04 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Plazmatik Funk Remix)
ELR30_05 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Matto Remix)
ELR30_06 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Maka Men Remix)
ELR30_07 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Gab L Remix)
ELR30_08 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Jeejay Remix)
ELR30_09 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Cristhian Deep Remix)
ELR30_10 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Dr3ws Mix)
ELR30_11 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Mokhouse Remix)
ELR30_12 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Joern D. Remix)
ELR30_13 : DJ Dan A – Capricorn (Beatz Projekted Remix)

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