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Farzan Badie – Black & Blue EP [BR159]



Not many people start a degree in Architecture end up producing techno and DJ-ing at underground parties and club around the world. Then again not many people are anything like Farzan Badie. Long before he played in clubs such as Die Nacht in Germany, Club Orange, Night Park and Xena club in Cyprus, Mappa club in Budapest or Bed club in Kuala Lumpur. Farzan was a teenager in Tehran, who listened to Metallica, Kiss and Pink Floyd and was obsessed with Iron Maiden. He started to listen to electronic music at the age of 17, and became fascinated with artists like Sasha,Digweed, James Holden and Nathan Fake, however his passion for DJ-ing really blossomed when he got his first DJ mixer that same year, and began DJ at underground parties. That might not sound like anything out of the ordinary as most DJ start out spinning tracks with their best friends at house parties before they became major players in the industry. But how many of us would risk our freedom and lives just to have a house party and play some music? Farzan did, because in a place like Tehran where not even a bar exist, let alone a club and partying and alcohol is punishable by imprisonment, something as simple as a party is in fact, a crime.They were determined, and their gathering of 10 people who got together, played music and just hung out, quickly turned into 100 people parties that are mistakable for any club in Europe, and this quickly became a culture in Tehran. And it wouldn’t have happened, hadn’t Farzan been a part of it! At the age of 22 Farzan moved to Kuala Lumpur to study sound engineering at S.A.E gaining studio experiences. While continuing to pursue his growing career as a DJ, he formed a DJ/Live act with British DJ’s, Jules Dickens and together they perfumed with a combination of new and old styles, namely vinyl, cd’s and Laptop. Then Farzan decided to take a break from performing at clubs to focus on production. In 2010 Farzan moved to BudaPest and worked in a public recording studio for 3 years.

Farzan Badie – Black & Blue EP [BR159]

BR159_01 : Farzan Badie – Inside Out (Original Mix)
BR159_02 : Farzan Badie – What You Are (Original Mix)
BR159_03 : Farzan Badie – Black & Blue (Original Mix)

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