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VA. – Bedroom Lab Vol. 1 [BR108]



VA. – Bedroom Lab  Vol. 1 [BR108]

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01 : Florin H – I’ll Be Good To You (Original Mix)
02 : Sacke – Derivata A 2a (Original Mix)
03 : AFTD – Don`t Stop (Original Mix)
04 : Synaptic Kid – 236 (Original Mix)
05 : Scott Harris Feat. Katelina Rose – Flying (Original Mix)
06 : Feda Klop – Essined (Original Mix)
07 : Hayden F  – Tequila (Original Mix)
08 : Kiwi Funk – Do You Feel (Original Mix)
09 : Leo & Mikel – Freeze Out (Original Mix)
10 : Feda Klop – Joined Bodies (Original Mix)
11 : Juan Gonzales – Music Is Feeling (Original Mix)
12 : Matteo Galetto – Wha-Oh (Original Mix)
13 : Plazmatik Funk – Load Factory (Original Mix)
14 : Ralph Kings – Highlights Part 2 (Original Mix)
15 : Sacke – In Asteptare (Original Mix)
16 : Hayden F  – Tequila (Junior Kambell Remix)
17 : Synaptic Kid – 256 (Original Mix)
18 : Leo & Mikel – The Clouds Were Pink (Original Mix)
19 : Lellofuscodj – Party People (Original Mix)
20 : Jay Tester – Steady Precision (Original Mix)
21 : Brandon Bian – Sickness (Original Mix)
22 : Dananto – One Day (Original Mix)
23 : Alessio Gatta – Alternate Frequency (Original Mix)
24 : Florin H – Love To See You Dancing (Original Mix)

DJs’ feedbacks

Denis Filipovic:«Great releaase full of great tracks, gets my full support»(10/10)
Will support and chart

bobi clubfm radio:«Wow! These are really great tracks»(10/10)
Will support and chart

DJ Danila:«wow. hot VA! these tracks a GREAT»(9/10)
Will support and chart

DJ Eric Passin:«Love The Tracks Will Use In My Sets»(9/10)
Will support and chart

Erwin Kelemen:«very nice no 1!»(9/10)
Will support and chart

normski:«This Album is packed full of some really great music giving a real diverse insight into how Romania likes to rock the dancefloor. Thanks to all the producers 😉 Great work»(9/10)
Will support and chart

Alberto Dati :«Great stuff!»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Philippe AUTUORI:«Interesting panorama of Bedroom’s records, very large and underground.»(8/10)
Will support and chart

Sam Hopkins:«There’s some dope tunes on here! Definitely worth a listen through!»(8/10)
Will support and chart

THE PUSHAMANN:«will try»(8/10)
Will support

Additan Radio:«Nice compilation! Thank you»(8/10)
Will support

Stephan Grondin:«lots of good ones to listen.»(8/10)
Will support

Jason:«LOVE THE MINIMAL»(8/10)
Will support

Felix JR:«Thanks for this fantastic pack»(8/10)
Will support and chart

AMERICAN DJ:«great release!»(8/10)
Will support

.Harry:«Nice album thank you »(8/10)
Will support and chart

Datamatrix:«nice comp, thanx»(8/10)

Paul Savateev:«good tracks here…»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Raul Cornejo:«Difficult to choose the best one. great work. thanks!»(7/10)
Will support

Toni Espagne:«Nice pack»(7/10)
Will support and chart

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