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Sizigi-13 – A Perfect Moon Sky [ELR98]



Sizigi-13 – A Perfect Moon Sky [ELR98]

ELR98_01 : Sizigi-13 – Desire (Original Mix)
ELR98_02 : Sizigi-13 – Astra (Original Mix)
ELR98_03 : Sizigi-13 – Solar Warden (Original Mix)
ELR98_04 : Sizigi-13 – Cydonia (Original Mix)
ELR98_05 : Sizigi-13 – A Trip Around The Milky Way (Original Mix)

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Daniel Wray – Sudoku EP [MJ62] – Mojear Records



Started DJ’ing in 1996.& have been in the Dance music scene a bit longer. Have played clubs around Australia. „As a producer started experimenting with sounds in Reason. Going on to learn a lot training my ears up and getting to know how everything ‘fused’ together. I have always been interested in sound design, and am finally doing what I love and do best”. This is Daniel Wray here on Mojear.

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Daniel Wray – Sudoku EP [MJ62]

01 : Daniel Wray – Dance Around The Floor (Original Mix)
02 : Daniel Wray – Sudoku (Original Mix)

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