Golden at Nite – Desires LP [MJ168]


Emerging from the mexican underground and based in the legendary border city of Tijuana, Golden at Nite’s distinctive style has been a process of listening and experimenting through the deep musical roots focusing primarily in those sounds that make the dancefloor melt, influenced from the 90s West Coast rap music through the best of Chicago House beats, not forgetting the French touch and the darkest side of Techno with much love for those R&B and electro-funk combinations of vocals and synths plus the sound of the every day and seek to always transmit the sensual vibes with slower house beats and sudden attacks of deep percussions and unexplainable organic soundscapes, showing love with adhoc sampling and simple bases.

Golden at Nite – Desires LP [MJ168]

01. Golden at Nite – High On You (Original Mix)
02. Golden at Nite – Obsessed (Original Mix)
03. Golden at Nite – The One (Original Mix)
04. Golden at Nite – Voyage (Original Mix)
05. Golden at Nite – Sometimes (Original Mix)
06. Golden at Nite – Silk Sheets (Original Mix)

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