DJ Biopic – Future Thoughts EP [BR194]


DJ Biopic: Artist / Composer / Producer and DJ who has been into House Music for over 20 years. DJ Biopic has been playing / listening to House Music through all types of periods and genres and has decided it’s time to be a Mavrik to be different to hear House that he only dreamed of hearing in clubs, change the seen slightly with new inventive ways to bring Deep meaningful bass lines and quirky tracks to your ears. He doesn’t believe in sticking to one genre, so he crosses the boundaries to give you what he considers to be House with a difference. Artwork by M.C.

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DJ Biopic – Future Thoughts EP [BR194]

01. Static Minded (Original Mix)
02. Back It Up (Original Mix)
03. Perplexed (Original Mix)
04. Static Minded (Dub) (Original Mix)

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