Rosteriks – Mind Infinity [MJ161]


Here to remind you, why it`s cool to have ears. Sail…
Rosteriks – performer of electronic music in the genres of Dubstep, Techno, House, Downbeat (Downtempo), Drum and Bass, Deep Douse, and mixes using some genres together.
Born on 21.06.1995 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.Since childhood, fond of music, as the family is connected with the equipment, acoustics, but with electronic music only met in 13 years of listening to the album the group Prodigy.
Further, in the 15 years of his life comes to Dubstep remix of Flux Pavilion at Picto – Street of Rage. It turned out to be under the influence of Excision, Bratkilla, Brain Pain, Moth and some other groups of very different genres.
Its the same genre, prefers not to be characterized as in most compositions, using different combinations that unites the features of Drum and Bass with Downbeat or Deep House with Dubstep. Perhaps this implies Big Bit, but it is a complex concept. It should be noted that he prefers not to consider himself a musician from the professional scene. Justperformer, whose composition might someone like.

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