Guri Serg – Simply (Album) [MJ159]


GURI SERG (Sergey Guryev) 1981.12.29
Born in an ordinary Soviet family in the Donbass coal miner, my father had a dozen creative abilities and self-expression that affected his children. From an early age became interested in rhythm and unusual noises, the house was on the Ionic which could hold for hours, remove the complex sounds and different melodies. The desire for a certain style and sound has always been the top put music, which was the heart and the reflection of the world.
Aspirations and goals have found a logical turn after meeting in 1999 with the work of legendary musician Tiesto, who won the heart of the music for many years. During his studies at the university his father gave the computer, which was the starting point to address the need to create music. The first compilation of his own music there in 2003 <> music dream about the history of civilization, and <> logical extension and its finale.
In 2005, after graduating from university and hard work has its first album <>, which was adopted by the great listeners in many parts of the world, and in 2007 the album <>.
The next stage of the album <>, which brought victory in the competition <All music is created directly hobby, the need of the soul.

Guri Serg – Simply (Album) [MJ159]

01 – Guri SerG – Way (Original Mix)
02 – Guri Serg – Forward (Original Mix)
03 – Guri Serg – Better Together (Original Mix)
04 – Guri Serg – Young (Original Mix)
05 – Guri Serg – Test (Original Mix)
06 – Guri Serg – Living (Original Mix)
07 – Guri Serg – Memory (Original Mix)
08 – Guri Serg – Nothing (Original Mix)
09 – Guri Serg – Run (Original Mix)
10 – Guri Serg – Fight (Original Mix)
11 – Guri Serg – Atmosphere (Original Mix)
12 – Guri Serg – Particle (Original Mix)

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