TrinoVante – Grim Existence EP [MJ137]


I love experimenting with, and producing all types of Electronic Music. I hope my tracks are sensitive, emotional and deep! I like my records to have underlying hidden meanings, and use my music as a way of ‘speaking my thoughts’ about the world I live in. I try to generate a range of feelings for the listener through my music. Music is what you make it ……..’

TrinoVante – Grim Existence EP [MJ137]

MJ137_01 : TrinoVante – Grim Existence (Original Mix)
MJ137_02 : TrinoVante Feat. Carole Cassidy – Yes, I Pray (Original Mix)
MJ137_03 : TrinoVante Feat. Cian Davies – Get Any Joy (Original Mix)
MJ137_04 : TrinoVante – Escape This World (Southbound Remix)

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