Beat Tribe – Black Holes Of Emotion EP [BR160]



Intense. Atmospheric. Textured. Deep. Call it what you will, but Michael Stewart (aka the Beat Tribe) has, over the past two years, created a unique blend of tribal infused techno beats with an array of sounds and textures to create something all his own. „I have always been drawn to very visceral music,” Stewart began. „I like music that’s in your face but has many layers and sounds hidden here and there.” Originally from South Florida, Stewart was influenced by a range of music from the old school electro bass sound that was prevalent in the late 80’s and early 90s to the manufactured sounds of industrial dance of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. After college, he spent a short stint in Orlando, where he got a job working as a light man in a local gay bar. Over the next few years, Michael continued to develop his technique and style, originally playing dark new skool breakbeat but evolving over the years into what you hear today: atmospheric, energetic, deep tech house. His sound caught the attention of progressive house guru Omid 16B for a Beatport Play remix contest in 2013 and was selected as the winner for his remix of Omid’s classic tune „The Game”, which was released on seminal label Alola Records. He has also worked closely with Spundae Black, the label related to the legendary San Francisco nightclub, and has released a number of originals as well as remixes on that label for Andres Solano, Pavel Sheemano and others. Always producing quality reinterpretations, Beat Tribe has remixed a number of well-known and respected house legend Midnight Society, Greece’s minimal tech label Modu Records and most recently for Portugal’s Diogo Ribiero and Los Angeles’s monstergetdown.

Beat Tribe – Black Holes Of Emotion EP [BR160]

BR160_01 : Beat Tribe – Black Holes Of Emotion (Original Mix)
BR160_02 : Beat Tribe – Black Holes Of Emotion (Monstergetdown Remix)

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