CloudBurstSound – Existential Kitchen EP [MJ128]



CloudBurstSound is the stage name of Gavin McGill, the creativity behind the idea of CloudBurstSound. He is a singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK. He grew up listening to The Beatles, Leonard Cohen and R.E.M. He matured with Alanis Morisette, Oasis and The Smiths. He is growing older with anything from George Ezra to Rizzle Kicks via whatever else he likes. In short, he knows that good music comes from anywhere, anyone and anything. He spends most days behind the guitar and keyboard, striving to put down in music, how he feels about the world. If you want to hear him, go online. If you want to hear from him, go to social media. If you want to know him, listen. The music tells the story.

CloudBurstSound – Existential Kitchen EP [MJ128]

MJ128_01 : Despair (Original Mix)
MJ128_02 : I Don’t Want It Now (Original Mix)
MJ128_03 : Unknown (Original Mix)

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