Patrick De Giorgi – Summer EP [MJ126]



Patrick De Giorgi was born on 30/12/1986 in Taranto (Puglia Italy) starts to put the first records at the age of 15 years falling in love with music and addressing gender-house, he was noticed by the organizers of musical events and begins its journey bringing his sound in different Discopub’s / Clubs / Beaches Resorts / Resorts / Private Party in the following cities: Lecce / SMdi Leuca (the) other locations of Salento / Taranto / Rome / Mazara del Vallo (Sicily). After a few years, began producing, creating his own style genre: House / Deep & Funky House / Vocal House / Disco House. Using the production: Mk2 Maschine Native / Kontakt 9 / Massive Ableton Live / Midi Piano / Traktor. Further Participate in the contest organized by the Crown Sunsets Beatport competing with all the DJs in the world ranking semi-finalist. I would like to thank all the people close to me who I „said” to those who „believe” in me. This path I owe it to them.

Patrick De Giorgi – Summer EP [MJ126]

MJ126_01 : Patrick De Giorgi – 1234 (Original Mix)
MJ126_02 : Patrick De Giorgi – Fashion (Original Mix)
MJ126_03 : Patrick De Giorgi – I Love It (Original Mix)
MJ126_04 : Patrick De Giorgi – Summer (Original Mix)

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