ZADIG – Mysterious EP [BR153]



A talented, multi-cultural, young „House” producer, with a formal musical background, Sofyan is dynamic, highly driven, self-motivated, and technologically savvy. He is looking for venues and outlets that would allow him to share his passion for house music and to present his individual take on this ‘genre’. With over ten years of both musical instruction and access to different instruments, he is interested in creating music that interlaces unconventional elements, whether in the form of instruments or vocals, with mainstream electronic dance music. This combination allows him to establish a fresh and vibrant signature. Much of his childhood was spent in and around music and sports, first in Egypt where he lived till the age of 14, then in France where he moved with his family to pursue his passion inboth disciplines. Along with his initiation into the world of tennis at the age of six, he started piano lessons (Suzuki method) at the same time. By the age of ten, he had added another interest and acquisition: the saxophone. In 2009, a friend showed him FL Studios and told him he could download a demo version from the Internet. That was the start of his four-year adventure in the world of electronic and dance music.

ZADIG – Mysterious EP [BR153]

01 : ZADIG – Mysterious (Original Mix)
02 : ZADIG Feat. Lee Wood – Shilling (Original Mix)

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01 :


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