Blow Of Luck – Nightmare EP [MJ117]



Emanuel Ortega aka Nodek & Jessica Tomas, formed blow of luck, Nodek with an experience of almost a decade producing tracks on labels around the world and playing in big festivals of Mexico as Soul Tech, Dream Festival, Tribal Echoes, Tribal Park, Atmosphere Festival, Fantastic Festival, Vision Quest and more and Jessica Tomas always dedicated to the arts now in his new role as producer, blow of luck make a project with soft sounds, atmospheric, minimalist and futuristic.

YouTube teaser :

Blow Of Luck – Nightmare EP [MJ117]

MJ117_01 : Blow Of Luck – Nightmare (Original Mix)
MJ117_02 : Blow Of Luck – Milksugar (Original Mix)
MJ117_03 : Blow Of Luck – Nightmare (Nodek Remix)

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