Bover – Bover EP [BR131]



Bover – Bover EP [BR131]

BR131_01 : Bover – Come Back (Original Mix)
BR131_02 : Bover – Funky Life (Original Mix)

DJs’ feedbacks, until 04 June 2014 :

Xander James:«Brilliant sounds, brilliant EP! Hard to pick a favourite 😉 Full support… 1 luv, peace & music-beats d(•_•)b XJ»(9/10)
Will support and chart

Sam Hopkins:«both of these are nice slices of deep house! Dig it!»(8/10)
Will support

DJ Sam Divine:«nice!»(8/10)
Will support

Kaiser Souzai:«Funky EP, makes me dance, will try, thx»(8/10)

Niro Lassano:«I really like „Come Back”! Will try out! »(8/10)
Will support and chart

:«downloading for SomethingGlobal :)»(8/10)
Will support

Tom Vagabondo:«Nice groove, like it, full support»(8/10)
Will support

scalambrin&sgarro:«gooood thanks»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Diego Castillo (Positiva FM):«Good release»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Claas Reimer:«Good work! Thanks a lot»(7/10)
Will support

Jason:«Both are good. »(7/10)
Will support

Alexander Parade:«Thanks for sending will give it a go »(6/10)
Will support and chart

DJ EZ:«Downloading on behalf of DJ EZ.. Feedback and rating may be inaccurate and given in order to activate the download. Thank you Michael.»(6/10)

frisco:«Both tracks are good»(6/10)
Will support

Dj Kato:«like come back will support.»(6/10)
Will support

dan marciano:«nice»(6/10)
Will support and chart

Chris Jackson aka Filthy Mank:«Come Back is working for me here…..»(6/10)
Will support and chart

:«thx for promo will tell you soon»(6/10)
Will support and chart

Acki:«Come back for me,thanks!»(6/10)
Will support and chart

….& more soon.

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