Sizigi-13 – Area 13 EP [ELR82]



Sizigi-13 – Area 13 EP [ELR82]

ELR82_01 : Sizigi-13 – Aurora (Original Mix)
ELR82_02 : Sizigi-13 – Echelon (Original Mix)
ELR82_03 : Sizigi-13 – Ive Been Waiting (Diamonds In The Sky Mix)
ELR82_04 : Sizigi-13 – Geoengineering (Original Mix)

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First EP from Sizigi-13, here on Eleonor Records. NYC native who took up producing music after giving up auto racing. About me : „I’ve always had a love for music but the band scene wasn’t for me, so I naturally fell into producing. I am extremely passionate about protecting the rainforest and endangered species. My specific interest being Jaguars and their conservation. My favorite song I made is named Jaguars. I will be donating all of the earnings from that song to conservation groups. If you could please take the time to link it to any of your social media it would mean a lot. I’m using my art to gain awareness of animals in need and keeping the rain forest untouched, and would love your help! Outside of music I am also very interested and endlessly inspired by outer space and other worlds”.

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