George L. Goodfellow And The GLG Band – Broken Hearts, Faded Memories EP [MJ103]



George L. Goodfellow And The GLG Band – Broken Hearts, Faded Memories EP [MJ103]

These tracks released by the „GLG Band” led by George L. Goodfellow are from their fourth CD „Both Sides of the Pond”. The band started out in the early 2000’s as a vehicle for George’s strong songwriting ability but soon became very successful on radio stations throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand and Europe gaining album of the week in Belgium, a number 8 in Sweden and a number 1 for three weeks in South Carolina USA.

MJ103_01 : Without Doubt (Original Mix)
MJ103_02 : At The Tone (Original Mix)
MJ103_03 : When Did I Stop Saying (That I Love You) (Original Mix)
MJ103_04 : Number Three (Original Mix)

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