DJ Ezequiel Olivera – Groovin’ EP [BR113]



DJ Ezequiel Olivera – Groovin’ EP [BR113]

BR113_01 : DJ Ezequiel Olivera – Groovin’ (Original Mix)
BR113_02 : DJ Ezequiel Olivera – We Have The Groove (Original Mix)
BR113_03 : DJ Ezequiel Olivera – Hands & Beats (Original Mix)

YouTube teaser :

Vimeo teaser :

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DJs’ feedbacks received until today :

Momo Dobrev:«Nice release, thanks!»(9/10)
Will support and chart

Ace Paradise:«Good Release. Groovin’ and Hands and Beats for me. Support from Ace Paradise»(9/10)
Will support

DJ Danila:«Very cool!»(8/10)
Will support

Additan Radio:«Great EP! Groovin’ is my fav! Thank you»(8/10)
Will support

scalambrin&sgarro:«groovin for me»(8/10)
Will chart

Stephan Grondin:«very nice.. full support»(8/10)
Will support

frisco:«cool work!!!»(8/10)
Will support

Lizarra:«Groovin´ROCKS !!! Full support !!!»(8/10)
Will support and chart

.Harry:«Top tracks thnx for it»(8/10)
Will support and chart

DJ EZ:«Downloading on behalf of DJ EZ.. Feedback and rating may be inaccurate and given in order to activate the download. Thank you Michael»(7/10)

Erwin Kelemen:«good work»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Toni Espagne:«nice»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Jason:«good stuff»(7/10)
Will support

Diego Castillo (Positiva FM):«Good EP»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Chris Jackson aka Filthy Mank:«Nice E.P this….. »(7/10)
Will support and chart

Jose Zaragoza:«really cool tech house tracks on this one. good stuff!»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Xander James:«Really cool EP..! Loving the crowd-hyping samples… Full support..! 1 luv, peace & music-beats d(•_•)b XJ»(7/10)
Will support and chart

Will support

Mano Music :«nice work here :)»(6/10)
Will support and chart

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