S.Nazarovskiy – Moral Insanity EP [BR112]



S. Nazarovskiy from Russian Federation is here on Bedroomrecords09.

S.Nazarovskiy – Moral Insanity EP [BR112]

DJs’ feedbacks

  • DJ Danila:«Thanks for sending!»(8/10). Will support
  • Sam Hopkins:«The title track is killer – nicely melodic, but deep and heavy when it needs to be!»(8/10). Will support
  • Additan Radio:«I like both tracks! Thank you»(8/10). Will support
  • Jason:«solid»(8/10). Will support
  • Alexander Parade:«Nice and weird Will give it a go in the Clubs..»(7/10). Will support and chart
  • BONES:«Two completely different tracks »(7/10). Will support and chart
  • AMERICAN DJ:«good music!»(7/10). Will support and chart
  • Ace Paradise:«Thanks !»(7/10)
  • Deep Space House:«S.Nazarovskiy – Red Fox – Original mix for us.»(7/10). Will support and chart
  • Dj Kato:«like red fox mix will support»(6/10). Will support

YouTube teaser : http://youtu.be/1wocRD0y4YE

Vimeo teaser : https://vimeo.com/80455648

01 : S.Nazarovskiy – Moral Insanity (Original Mix)
02 : S.Nazarovskiy – Red Fox (Original Mix)

Buy this release from :

Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/moral-insanity-ep/1202503

+ all other good music stores online, a few weeks later.

Support the artists and buy the original.

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