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7974563Jibis is a young French DJ, with high knowledge of the music, that he acquired very young. Thanks to this experience, he played in many cities in France, and abroad (Paris, Lyon, Monaco, Ibiza…) Jibis continues with passion to develop some parties concepts, and musical tracks. Due to his artistic spirit and to his friend Max, ‘Living Pop’ was born. It’s a party concept, mixed between the live painting show from Max, and the dj set from Jibis. It’s an innovative concept melting art and music.Based in Lyon, he welcomes several House and techno djs into his parties „Underground Night” produced at ‘Ambassade Club’.From this year, he’s the official resident dj of the website Ibiza-france.fr, and for the year 2013, the official resident dj of Enjoy Life Ibiza, a new French brand.

YouTube teaser : http://youtu.be/cfSlKPN6hic

Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/80141779

Jibis – Toast EP [BR107]

01 : Jibis – Toast (Original Mix)
02 : Jibis – Western Coktail (Original Mix)
03 : Jibis – Pom Vibe (Original Mix)

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Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/toast-ep/1143719

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/ro/album/toast-ep/id689621338

Traxsource : http://www.traxsource.com/title/250942/toast

Soundeo : http://soundeo.com/release/jibis-toast-ep-1172145.html

Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/Toast-Jibis/dp/B00FCP8M80/ref=sr_1_2?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&sr=1-2&keywords=Jibis

7digital.com : http://www.7digital.com/artist/jibis/release/toast

Musicload.de : http://www.musicload.de/jibis/toast/musik/maxi/19354073_2

DJtunes : http://www.djtunes.com/jibis/toast

Deezer.com : http://www.deezer.com/album/6971171

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