Bulaklak – Wilde EP [ELR46]



Francesco Fiore aka Bulaklak born in Naples on 04/04/91. It reveals a child prodigy and musically consonant at the age of 10 years started to play instruments like guitar piano and percussion. At the age of 15 years begins to discover the house music in one of the most popular of the moment: „Disco Metropolis”. Fascinated by the underground style of these environments, touches with his hands the first vinyl, finds himself in the nightlife, discovering his artistic way after a long evolutionary path. So has the pleasure and the honor of playing with world famous DJs like Roger Sanchez – Flavio Diaz. Anna Stefani – Ela Gee. In 2011 the fruits arrive: Nicoule Moudaber and Monica Kruse; Resonance festival with Joey Beltram – Alex Bau – Jonas Kopp – Gary Back – Dustin Zhan – Secret Cinema – Sutter Cane – Nicole Roise – Hans Bouffmyhre – Someone Else – Chymera – Julietta and many others. The beginning, he felt love to produce something personal , his music, his tracks. immediately took its outputs in some labels emergentie. His productions are characterized by many genres of music: Deep House / Tech-house / Techno, immersed in an experimental style, always new and exciting, which now makes it possible to plan for the future.

YouTube teaser : http://youtu.be/vrH9LDnFoZ4

Vimeo teaser : https://vimeo.com/62704921

Bulaklak – Wilde EP [ELR46]

01 : Bulaklak – Vision (Original Mix)
02 : Bulaklak – Half Dan (Original Mix)
03 : Bulaklak – El Maestro (Original Mix)
04 : Bulaklak – El Nino (Original Mix)

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Newelectro.org : http://newelectro.org/r/mf2o/wilde-ep

DJshop.de : http://www.djshop.de/Download-bulaklak-wilde/ex/s~details,u~1000021461,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

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