Fonotipia – Skull [BR75]



Fonotipia is back home, here on Bedroomrecords09. After his EP „Organs” released in January 2012, also a huge succes is here now with fresh track’s. Is not an EP is an album from Fonotipia. This album includes 10 tracks. Just beautiful vocals and groove tracks, from deep house to tech sounds. This album is here just for you!

YouTube preview :

Vimeo preview :

Fonotipia – Skull [BR75]

01 : Fonotipia – Femur (Original Mix)
02 : Fonotipia – Radio (Original Mix)
03 : Fonotipia – Rotula (Original Mix)
04 : Fonotipia – Rib (Original Mix)
05 : Fonotipia – Jaw (Original Mix)
06 : Fonotipia – Phalanx (Original Mix)
07 : Fonotipia – Tibia (Original Mix)
08 : Fonotipia – Vertebra (Original Mix)
09 : Fonotipia – Haunch (Original Mix)
10 : Fonotipia – Skull (Original Mix)

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We thank you for your support!

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