Advanced Suite – Stargazer [MJ48] – Mojear Records


Is now, is here, the new album from Advanced Suite. Out today EXLCUISVE on Beatport, includes 12 tracks. From pure electronic music to deep house, chill out, inde dance/nu disco music. Are your ready?

Info :

Advanced Suite – Stargazer [MJ48]

01 : 2 Song
02 : Hate Debate
03 : AftirF
04 : All Plastic With Out The Curve
05 : I Want U
06 : Stamps
07 : Yelloe
08 : What You Do
09 : Chill It Out
10 : Push Easy
11 : Ridethat
12 : Stargazer

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Featured release on Beatport Indie Dance/Nu Disco page. Grab your copy here : We thank you for your support!

14.10.2012 : The „Stargazer”album from Advanced Suite entered today in top 100 chill out releases on Beatport. We thank you! Grab your copy now :

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