Zemtsov – Sexy Cry EP [MJ42] – Mojear Records


Alexander Zemtsov started his career in 90s. Since that time he has been trying to find himself in different music genres, and in the end he preferred house and techno. The gigs all over Russia, being a resident of Moscow clubs, friendship with creative people in the electronic scene- all this pushed Alexander to make his own music. As a musician, he made his debut in 2008 on German label Aromamusic. Also he has releases on such labels as Apt.International, Tzinah Records, Espai Music, Regular, Highway Records, Fabriquez Musique, MP Digital Records, GSS Records. Now most of his time he spends in studio experimenting to improve his own sound. Alexander Zemtsov cooperates with Garage Sound System (GSS), participates in the production of the legendary radioshow „Garage”, in the events organized by Garage Music Managmant. He is a resident of the new project from GSS – GarageFM Online. Second EP released here on Mojear Records.

Zemtsov – Sexy Cry EP [MJ42]

01 : Zemtsov – Sexy Cry (Original Mix)
02 : Zemtsov – Lunatic Asylum (Original Mix)
03 : Zemtsov – Yellow Cab (Original Mix)

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Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/sexy-cry-ep/945765

iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/en/album/sexy-cry-single/id554280026

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