P-Ben – Naboo EP fron page Tech House genre DJTunes.com


Our latest release from Bedroomrecords09, now on front page Tech House genre on djtunes.com. We thank you for your support!

Some info about P-Ben :

Bio : P-ben is a young dj producer from the south of France… This is listening to the spectacular mix of Jeff Mills in the late 90s that Ben will start the mix. He start young and mix happen in a lot of raves party and underground clubs. With his „pumpin’ sets he will play alongside renowned artists such as Mark Broom, Oxia, Dosem,The Advent, Industrialyser, Popof, Bastien Grine, Citizain Kain Tonio, Manu le malin, Deetron, David Carretta,David Squillace, Nuria Ghuia, J-Rob, Miss Airie,Tom Pooks,or Jack de Marseille. He start production also ten years later, sign on a lot of of digital label like pbrmusic, soulman music, deep disco, Family Electro, Motech, Udtk, Baccara, Drag Music, Nutempo, Labelcode, Reiz, Soulsound, Newlife, Fourpeas, percent, Zenith … P-Ben already work with dj 3000, Los Hermanos, John Thomas, Alton Miller, Nicolas Cuer and more…P-Ben now is here with his fresh EP named „Naboo”.

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