Prepare for the weekend!


Preapare for the weekend! Check our latest release out now in stores. Straight from Dubai here on Mojear Records, we presenting you our new release and fresh artist Rohann Nunez. Fresh EP from Rohann named simply „Blue Skies”. This EP includes 3 versions. First version is the sunrise mix, second is a mix maded by Jay Naidu and the last version of the track is a remix made by Octavios Deep. Great feeling in this EP, with great deep house sounds, perfect for this 2012 Summer. Rohann Nunez is resident @ Barasti Beach Bar (Dubai) UAE. Mojear Records is back here just for you, with fresh and quliaty music. Are you in? Grab it now from your favorite music store Beatport : Available also in all other good music stores.

Teaser :

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