Various Artists – Ibiza Nights [MJ30] – Mojear Records

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Mojear is preparing you for this Summer! Ten fresh tracks for you to listen en la playa, home, or elsewhere. Ibiza nights are the magic words here on Mojear Records. We present again new and talented music producers like : Malibu B, Edgar Morris, Toxibea with his track „May”, Fill Scared & Kelly Lee Cage, John Cody, Nicolas Gudino, Aitor Wilzig, Silvio Bondage, Alejandro Luna and last but not least Tightshirt with his fresh track called „Saudade”. Just close your eyes and imagine you are in paradise! Just imagine, you are the last person, only you and the music! We are Mojear Records, and they are our artists, and there is one person you, the listener. Just because music is magical, and you are the magician!

Where to buy it :

Beatport :

Junodownload :

+ all other good music stores.

We thank you for your support!

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