Marcos Estrada – Voices Of My Mind EP [ELR10] – Eleonor Records


Voices of my mind is the name for his new EP here on Eleonor. Marcos Estrada is here, with his new EP that includes six tracks. First track „Dausol Apartment” have a great tech house beat with natural conga percussion, in one word : natural sounds! Second track „Little Sango’s Song” includes great vocals an a strong melodic line. Third track name is „Voices Of My Mind” like the EP name is. Time to listen some pure deep house music in this track, just beautiful! The fourth track name is „Let Me Tell You”, just pure house music like the vocals pronounce. And got to the penultimate track named „Souvenir Of Birmingham”, great dark vocal and pure piano sounds. The last track from this EP is „Yaya Kale” a great tune to finish this great EP from Marcos Estrada.

Where to buy it :

Beatport :

Junodownload :

Check the YouTube teaser :

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