Napalm – This For You EP [ELR05] – Eleonor Records


Napalm is here on Eleonor Records. „This For You” is the name for this EP and includes five tracks. Another great release here on Eleonor Records, just fo you. Welcome to Napalm in our family.

Napalm – This For You EP [ELR05]

ELR05_01 : Napalm – The Ripper (Original Mix)
ELR05_02 : Napalm – This For You (Original Mix)
ELR05_03 : Napalm – Dancing Forever (Radio Edit)
ELR05_04 : Napalm – Hooah! (Original Mix)
ELR05_05 : Napalm – Barbie (Original Mix)

Where to Buy it :

Beatport Link : Here

Junodownload Link : Here

iTunes Link : Here

Pachadownload Link : Here

„This Is for You, OK?”

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