R.U.X. Makossa March Chart 2012 @ Beatport (charting Ellroy from Bedroomrecords09)


R.U.X. was born in Foggia (FG) on 29/04/1989. As a child was struck and fascinated by Funk music, at the age of 18 years , he became interested in electronic music. At the age of 19 years decides to buy his first console and begins to learn the basic techniques of DJing. In later years he started playing some local party. Mostly he likes Tech House and minimal sonority. Many famous artists have played, charted and supported his tracks.

R.U.X. Makossa March Chart 2012 @ Beatport. R.U.X. Makossa charting EllroyLet’s Have A Walk (Original Mix)” our latest release from Bedroomrecords09. Thanks you for supporting us! Love!!

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