OMFG Zombies – Disco Glitter Time EP [MJ23]


Straight from San Diego, United States, here on Mojear Records. OMFG Zombies is an EDM trio whose music varies from synthpop and new wave to progressive house and break beat without straying too far from our indie dance/nu disco roots. Whether producing, DJing, remixing, and performing live we have fun. Cover by : Bogdan Grigore

Catalog NR : MJ23
Label : Mojear Records
Release Date : 10/03/2012

This EP includes 3 tracks :

01 : OMFG Zombies – Disco Glitter Time (Original Mix)
02 : OMFG Zombies – Feeling So Alive (Original Mix)
03 : OMFG Zombies – You Synth Me So (Original Mix)

Beatport Link : Here

Junodownlaod Link : Here

Soundcloud Preview : Here

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