DJ Xenon Feat. Karina May – Fire [REMIX CONTEST] – Bedroomrecords09


We are waiting your request to our email adress : bedroomrecords09 at gmail dot com if you want to remix this track. Dead line for the contest 21 April 2012. If you want to remix this track email your request to our email adress, email subject : “Fire [REMIX CONTEST]” and ask for remix parts (stems). Selected remixes will be out on Bedroomrecords09.

Link to the Original track :

DJ Xenon is an upcoming Portuguese dj and producer. Now more than 10 years into his djing career, Xenon is rising both in status and renown. 2011 brought him his first single and first hit in the song 5 Elements, alongside Portuguese wonder boy Pedro Carrilho and British Diva singer Shèna (the voice of huge hits, such as: Nothing better; Weekend; Watch Out).

A versatile, dynamic, and charismatic dj, Xenon brings joy, life, and rhythm in his live sets. With an amazing quality at the decks, he leaves no one indifferent to his style. He can go from House to deep, to soul-foul, to progressive and even tech-house, and you’ll still want more by the time he’s finished.
2012 will bring the confirmation of Xenon’s production skills with the release of several new singles with various collaborations of both national and international names. With a steady growing schedule, he will be definitively one of the names to have accounted for this year.

We want to thanks to for posting this news (contest) on beatportal.

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