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Here we are again with this Various Artists compilation just for you. Welcome to our Secret Shop, where you will find eleven tracks, from pure tech house music to dark minimal music. Only fresh music and new artists here on Bedroomrecords09 family. Welcome to our secret shop!

Compilation supported by many DJs and radio stations from around the world!

Tracks :

01 : DJ NIka – Welcome Back (Original Mix)
02 : Martin Rouiller – Looping Version (Original Mix)
03 : Deryk Rossen – Kongo Groove (Original Mix)
04 : Dany – Night People (Original Mix)
05 : Maka Men – Okinawan (Original Mix)
06 : Crushed – Armageddon (Original Mix)
07 : Aivian – Funak Declik (Original Mix)
08 : Lifer – Balbuceos (Original Mix)
09 : Aivian – Video Game (Original Mix)
10 : Jay Peq – Cipollotto Style (Original Mix)
11 : Dany – Sweet Treats (Original Mix)

Genres : Tech House / Minimal / Electronica / Dubstep
Release Date : 2012-02-10
Label Bedroomrecords09
Catalog #BR41

Stores like : beatport, junodownload, iTunes, amazon + all other good music stores (online).

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We are Bedroomrecords09, we search talents and fresh producers.
Check it out and support the artists by purchasing not pirating the music.

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